You Have 25,000 Mornings As an Adult. Here's How to Not Waste Them

You’ll wake up for about 25,000 mornings in your adult life, give or take a few. According to a report from the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy in the United States is 79 years old. (Most people in wealthy nations are hovering around the 80-year mark. Women in Japan are the highest, with an… » 7/09/13 8:31am 7/09/13 8:31am

This is a lot to go through that will probably yield you a decent result. However, you can go around all of this fairly easily. If you know a jeweler, or go to your local jewelry store and ask if they have any 10x loupes that they don't use or a are busted but still have good glass, then you can use that in the same… » 5/12/13 5:28am 5/12/13 5:28am

Microsoft gets two-factor authentication, who else has it? what is it?

Yesterday It was announced that Microsoft has enacted two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is one of the securest ways to protect your password to site. What it does is requires you to enter your user name and password like normal, then it asks you for a code from a program that is on your phone. That… » 4/18/13 7:16am 4/18/13 7:16am